Postcard from… SYDNEY!

Well, it was an incredible five weeks travelling through South and Central America, and the final destination on our journey? My home.


After five years living in London, I have packed up and moved my life back Down Under. I loved my time in London, and I’ll be going back and forth (perks of having an English fianc√©) – but from now on I’ll be working and living full time in Australia.

In between running necessary errands, I have pretty much parked myself on the beach for the past 48 hours, and with the glorious sun, 30 plus heat, cool surf (not to mention, y’know, beloved friends and family close by again) it’s hard to fathom how I stayed away so long.

I actually haven’t travelled all that much within Australia, so am excited to explore more of my beautiful country in the coming months.

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