Tips for Festival Dressing

Wilderness headdressWe’re well into the northern hemisphere’s summer festival season. I’ve just returned from Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire myself, and V, Reading, Bestival, and SW4 are all still to come in England.

Personally, I love to set aside the usual rules of grown-up attire and play dress-ups for a few days. Festivals are where glitter, wild make-up and headdresses are not just allowed, but encouraged… and preferably all at once!Hackney Weekend

If you’re heading to a festival soon and are trying to decide on what to wear, here are a few things I try to keep in mind.

Remember what you thought was “fashion” in seventh grade? Get back in that mindset. For me, that was colourful hair, bright eye shadow, ditto on my nails, and glitter everywhere. I put a slightly more grown up twist on it, but the fun colours are still there. Wilderness Festival Smashbox-6

On that note: Never underestimate the fun of face paint.

Think about the weather and setting. Wellies will definitely not be needed at Sea Dance in Montenegro, but you simply couldn’t go to Glastonbury without a pair. And those face scarves you see at Burning Man aren’t just a fashion accessory – they’re necessary for when those sand storms get going.Glastonbury Festival-11

Don’t blindly follow the current trend. Just because everyone is wearing crop tops this year doesn’t mean you have to, particularly if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it.

Having said that, if you enjoy a trend, absolutely embrace it. There is no better place than a festival to step out of your sartorial comfort zone, get a bit jazzy and rock something you usually wouldn’t dare, be it neon, sequins, face paint or a little too much skin.

… And if you’re hesitating over your wardrobe choice before stepping outside the tent, just remember: There will always be someone dressed way more wacky than you.wilderness-festival-10-682x1024

No matter how kooky your clothes, sensible footwear is essential. My festival footwear of choice is wellies in rainy weather, and converse or tattered ankle boots (that I plan on throwing out after) otherwise. Never open-toed. Never, ever, ever. Your intact toenails will thank you.

Think ahead. There may be blistering heat right now, but have you checked the forecast? Try to pack some leggings or a jacket that folds up small into your bag, so you don’t lose your spot in front of the stage having to trudge back to the tent for warm clothing. It’s all about layering.Wilderness Festival-21

Don’t take it too seriously. Sure, there are a lot of street style photographs camping out these days, and many festivals have become a fashion parade. But no one will care at 10pm when the headliner hits the main stage. Just have fun!wilderness-festival-18


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